21 Day Journey to 

holistic health

A practical workbook

Spiritual health is considered a fundamental component of health and a vital component of whole-person care. A practical and ethical framework by which to integrate spiritual aspects into holistic healthcare is therefore important. 

This workbook focuses on principles for quality spiritual care, with recommendations on how to implement these principles. 

The framework also describes possible catalysts and impediments to quality spiritual health.

Dr Ellenore meyer

Ellenore is a medical doctor with vast experience in clinical care, community development and holistic health. She has worked in both the private and public sector, managing group/community health and within individual health consultations with a focus on addressing the components that make up individual or communal health and wholeness. This includes her passion for mental health and aesthetics.

Ellenore obtained a PhD in Philosophy and Ethics on holistic health care after completing her medical studies and also obtained a MSc in Bio-ethics and Health Law.  

Ellenore also works with her husband at Sand Dollar Design where they develop health tech solutions amongst others. Ellenore spearheads Tebelo, a charity focused on transforming communities through Health, Nutrition and Educational programs.

Rev Elza Meyer

Elza Meyer is the founder of Turn2God Ministries and serve as CEO of the organization. She is a trained reverend of the Dutch Reformed Church, but ministers to people form all denominations and abroad, wherever God leads.

Elza is known for the Esther conferences and ministers weekly on Radio Pulpit, as well as Cape Pulpit, and Radio Eden. She is the author of 17 publications and also writes for JUIG magazine. She also ministers on RSG and SABC 2 from time to time.

She is married to Thys. They have 3 married children and 9 grandchildren. The whole family is actively involved in God’s Kingdom.

Elza’s heart’s desire is to see all nations turn to God!


Many people report a need for spiritual care. Not only do many patients intuitively discern that there are more to health than the physical, an extensive review of existing research also shows that religious and spiritual care activities improve the mental and physical health of patients and their families when attended to throughout the care process, Koenig, King and Carson (2012).

The application and expression of spirituality in different health contexts are subjected to cultural relevance. From the East. where scientists have validated the physical and emotional impact when health professionals prescribe Forest Therapy or Forest Bathing as part of a holistic care plan, to the West, where surgical disciplines such as orthopaedic surgery recommend incorporating spiritual care for patients who have undergone surgery, as it improves, amongst other things, overall satisfaction with the treatment outcomes.

Spirituality as part of a holistic health approach is receiving renewed attention. The constant need for spiritual care opens an opportunity for people to take responsibility for their own health in a holistic way - a process that is facilitated by working through the book.

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